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07-01-2013, 12:41 PM
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Building a Cup contender

I have been thinking about how to build a Stanley Cup contender and it seems like there are two prominent models. I put the Penguins in the anomaly camp, because they would contend with Malkin, Crosby, and a bunch of monkeys, so other than getting the first or 2nd pick in 4 consecutive drafts which have high end top talent, these two models seems to me to be way to build a Cup contender:

1) Several top end talents: I see the Blackhawks in this camp, and maybe the Redwings from 2008. They have serious top end talent on offense and defense Kane, Toews, Hossa and Sharp, and then Keith and Seabrooke. They put depth players around them that all seem replaceable. Players like Bickell, Bolland, Hjarmalsson (Im not going to bother with the spelling) and an adequate goalie who is not a superstar. In this camp, you can use up cap space on your top end players and just fill in the rest with replaceable parts.

2) Super forward depth, no superstar forwards, top end defender, good overall team defense. I put the Bruins and Kings and Ducks and Hurricanes in this camp, although in place of one superstar defenseman, the Canes had 6 #2-4 guys. Here they have lots of forward depth with no real superstars. Each team has solid forwards LA with Kopitar, Carter, Richards, Brown, Williams none of which are superstars. They have Doughty as their main d-man and solid goaltending for a team that plays solid defense.
The Bruins had 4 lines that can score and Chara. In this case you spend big on your main defender(s) and then use the rest on the forward depth.

So my question is, how are the Flyers planning on building a Cup winning team? It seems that they should go with the second model, since we really dont have the top end talent like the Blackhawks. Does it require a new coaching style? I worry about cap management, because it is crucial in this. If they go the second route, they can't be throwing money at players like Lecavalier, but instead need to spread the money around 4 lines of forwards and one main defender.

Obviously this is subjective and I appreciate any feedback or modifications, but it is summer and I think about dumb things like this.

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