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07-01-2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
After a night of sleep the raft does not feel much better. The disdain most feel for Poile is not well founded. While theres little doubt we would have preferred a forward in the first round the pick was the correct thing to do at the time. If all the hype is correct he picked up a NHL ready player one of three in the draft. With all the talking heads prior to the draft professing this to be the deepest draft in the last 10 years it sure felt like they changed there minds after about pick 8. The commentary went from potential to focus on the weak areas and the amount of time it would take to become NHL ready. Heck they even talked from both sides of there mouth at times. Max Domi has a lot to work on in to be ready to play but in the next sentence the proclamation about how much better he is than his dad. Now I would believe if they had said how much different, but his dad played his role as well as any other player in the league. The point is that this was a rookie draft with much hype as most of them have. There is still a chance that a player picked in the 4th round or later will be the gem of the draft.

The positive. The team should be set on the backend for a few years. at some point one of the big three will have to be moved if Jones does indeed turn out to be the stud in the NHL that all have predicted.

What to expect now in typical Predator fashion DP will find a couple forwards that will likely be projects ala SK or the injury damaged Karyia and spend modestly. The team will struggle to score most nights and rely on Rinne and the defense yet again to carry the team.

The perfect storm that was last year hopefully will not repeat. The team will likely be a fringe team comeing down to the playoff run. The key will be the youngsters. May be three 20 goal scorers Horni, Fish and probably Borque. Wilson will come close yet again, provided he plays 82 games.

flame away im kinda getting used to it
I think you are pretty much spot on although i still have hope that with the cap and buyouts there will be better, more attainable targets in the free agent market than usual.

the difference between this team and the team that many thought could have won the West two years ago isnt all that much now that Suter has been replaced by a combination of Josi and Jones. If the improvement of our youth exceeds the decline in our older players we may be better off than anyone thinks.

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