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Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
The Devils were the much better team sans goaltending in the regular season. They had a higher fenclose rating, so it's appropriate that they won the series in 6 games. Simply the better team. The Bruins won because they have better hockey players than the Rangers.

Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon to name recent ones. Trading picks for washed up vets like Clowe is another. Just two trades in the past calendar year. No plan

And the team consists of no high-end talent, a large role of depth players playing out of their capabilities.

You do realize that the Flames just in 2009-10 had a core similar to the Rangers? Their best forward was a 32 year old Iginla (similar to Nash), their defense was their focal point as it consisted Phaneuf (24), Bouwmeester (25), Giordano (25) and Regehr (29) similar to McDonagh, Girardi, Staal, MDZ. They were backstopped by a 32 yr old Kipprusoff. I see a similar transition to the Rangers in a couple of years.
Who cares that we traded Dubinsky? My God, are you really going to consider him this great young piece that we moved and now regret? Is this real life right now? And Erixon? Again, who cares? We got Moore back when we dealt an underperforming vet. So funny that you don't even mention that (obviously you won't mention it since it is contrary to whatever point you're trying to make). And we also got Brassard (I'll take him over Anisimov). Yet clearly we are all about moving kids for vets

And I love the comparison to the Flames. Because we have similarly aged players our teams are clearly so alike. Wow. Phaneuf's career fell off a cliff (to the point where he had to be moved), Bouwmeester just isn't that good, and Regher aged like Drury the minute he got close to 30 (that type of game will do that). The only comparison I can see is Girardi going the way of Regher eventually.

We have a much better, overall core of home-grown and young players than the Flames did at that time. But of course you leave them all out since that wouldn't support your argument.

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