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Heres my concern with Mact thus far. Indecision and confusion that has featured prominently.

1) MacT earlier goes looking for associate coach beans to help out Krueger who already had MacT's stated vote of confidence as head coach. MacT instead, as a surprise to everybody involved ends up buying the bean stalk instead and describes his *reasoning* in detail but that reads pretty much as feelings. Not one clear reason why Krueger was disposed was given. The dramatic change of direction had no tangible explanation. For lack of stated reasons this suggests confusion and org chaos.

2)MacT, by his own admission, goes to the draft table not being clear on what player to draft at 7 and not even clear that if both are available whether he will pick Niki, or Nurse. He stated this, he didn't know. He gargled something like "well figure it out at the draft table and with whats happening at the draft" ?! More confusion and chaos. An NHL club not even knowing who its going to pick number 1 while sitting at the draft table...

3)The reasons MacT cites for picking Nurse are at best superstitious. At worst completely random. MacT post draft interview is horrible. If he's trying to disarm other managers into thinking he's stumbling about at his job he's doing it well. Again indecision. If you can't come up with valid reasons for clearly selecting a top pick you don't have any. Waiting until the Oilers are called to the microphone won't provide any. This is like heading into final exams hoping the answers will magically jump in your head. it doesn't suggest a plan, any plan.

Well heres the deal. If you are not sure who you are even going to draft this would seem to symbolize that nobody is clearly jumping out at you between the two. Its clear as well given that that the org could forego either player. So in that case, knowing you are unsure with your pick why not package it, deal it, trade it. We need NHL players, not a long list of more draft picks.

Indecision, not impatience, is the word of the day.

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