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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
All I see is you picking and choosing arguments that are absurd and misguided, save one or two points.

Bolded just proves your stigma. You keep saying things like that and all people will see you as is a stat watcher who isn't anything near objective on that alone. I said this before too. And you had no real response for it. What you're doing is here is going out on some flimsy limbs. Howcome the Bruins beat us cause they played better hockey, not because of your beloved and messiah fenclose, but NJ did? There is SO much more to winning and losing games, I suggest you start looking into that more instead of just the computer screen with graphs and characters.
The Bruins had a better fenclose rating than the Rangers too, so it's appropriate they won the series handily, especially when the Rangers were constantly amongst the lowest fenclose teams in the playoffs while the Bruins the exact opposite.

I'm not saying the Rangers are a bad hockey team, they're not. They are probably a 5th-8th seeded team with likely exit to superior teams in 1rst/2nd rounds. For me, I would rather change the dynamics of this team now so that it has a better chance of winning in the future. That comes with center depth and more puck possession players. Simply isn't good enough.

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