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Originally Posted by Hitchslap View Post
That was a really strange interview. For a guy that is so well spoken, that sounded like the rantings of an 80 year old with Alzheimer's.

If these bold moves we've been talking about don't happen this offseason then MacT has failed. I'll reserve my judgement for now, but to miss out on doing anything on draft day doesn't make me feel hopeful.
I had to watch it a few times wondering if he's had some giggle pops or if he's medicated or hasn't slept in a week. He was basically stammering. When the majority of what you are stating is um's and ahhhs you're stating a lot of nothing and you don't even have any planned thoughts to express. This is MacT talking in realtime as strange thoughts occur to him. The temptation is to keep the microphone on, prop him up against the wall, and let him keep rambling. My feeling being given enough time he would excommunicate himself out of a job. (on any regular or normal team or org)

Apparently for the Oilers its enough that he can string legible words together. Even if they don't make any sense.

Seriously, who here would be comfortable hearing that you were hired because the hiring Manager stated the reason you're hired is he took a **** with your uncle, fed your pet parakeet who was flying over his lawn, the groundhog said so, and he saw your momma on the bus who waved at him in a dream..

Just when you thought the defining jump the shark moment happened along comes another, and another.

The above meant to be viewed with some humor btw. This apparently needing to be stated. This org is worth a laugh sometimes. Better than crying.

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