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07-01-2013, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by xlnc66 View Post
Why would Chicago want to send him to us to make our roster stronger when all they would get back is draft picks? There's a reason guys like Bolland, Schneider, Clutterbuck have been sent out east. Their former teams don't want to deal with them 3-6 times a season.
Minny and Chicago aren't going to be in Edmonton's division next year, nor will they be playing against Edmonton any more than they will NYi and Toronto respectively.

Besides, the whole "I don't want to make ____ team better" is a loser mentality. You make trades that best improve your team, and if you can get a better return for your player by one team, that's the one you make IMO. It carries a little more weight when it's directly within your division, but as I mentioned earlier, that wasn't the case with Chicago or Minnesota.

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