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07-01-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Approx half the league did make trades and Mact was quite vocal about being active in that regard. Just talking about it isnt enough. Tambellini never got the benefit of that kind of tolerance.
Tolerance? Let's consider what tolerance this tolerance looks like: MacTavish has been the GM for 10 weeks. There has been at least one Fire MacT thread on this board (8 weeks in) and people are giving him performance grades at the draft (10 weeks in) a few days after the Stanley Cup is awarded. Some people in this thread, including you (and I enjoy your posting by the way), are angrily writing about his inactivity and are seemingly surprised that in 10 weeks he hasn't found deals to turn around our franchise.

So far, MacTavish has made a few small but fairly significant moves. Anton Belov addresses a significant need on the blueline. He also addressed a weakness in the depth of our prospect system by turning a 2nd round draft pick into picks that enabled our scouts to draft two skilled Russian players with size and to place some great bets on players like Jackson Houck, Kyle Platzer and Aidan Muir. He's also been far from inactive and involved in the most discussions of any GM according to most reports; he just hasn't found a dance partner for a trade that makes our team better. It takes time to make such deals in the NHL and to find a partner in them. He has an entire summer to pull the trigger on some deals. Deals are going to happen between now and Free Agency, after more compliance buy-outs take place, etc., and beyond the remainder of the summer and on into the season. I'm glad MacTavish isn't merely in an assessment phase; he seems to know what this team's needs are, and he's actively pursuing it. Every GM is trying to make their team better, so it's not an easy process to acquire the pieces without giving up significant pieces in the process.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Im not the gm, nor should I be. Fact of the matter is Mact made promises that he couldnt deliver.

Perhaps next time he should just keep his mouth shut and let his actions speak for him. The fans dont need to be spoonfed a blow by blow commentary on the state of affairs, they want to see a winning product on the ice. Its his job to make that happen, not mine.
Couldn't deliver? After 10 whole weeks? Don't you think that you are being a tad unrealistic? I thought MacT said he was an impatient man. He should meet you!

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