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07-01-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Lets be fair each other. This is a hard-ball. Russians will do everything to stop any nordic/euro/ET league project which is not under KHL´ś control. Think about it, is not weird that Kummola said: it is good for international development to have Jokerit in KHL (website of IIHF). Crazy! Vice-president of IIHF and head of finnish hockey said THIS? Yes, he is on "KHL-side", the same like Fasel. Russians have money, they can lure Kärpät, HIFK, etc to play KHL. They can say them (especially to IFK): Look, we have Jokerit, do you want to miss the derby? Dont you have money? Ok, we give them to you! Why did Jokerit move to KHL if there is a huge chance of great euro/ET/nordic league? Or is not? Like it or not, but SM-Liiga (its clubs) are under KHL control now. Jokerit jumped, others can do it later.
You do know that in the end a club (and in the end a league as well) some how needs to carry itself. "Oil money" is nice but I hope that even you understand that it's not something that will last. KHL cannot invite team after team since the local markets in both Sweden and Finland are not that big outside the capitols.

And still. Even if you get two Helsinki teams and two Stockholm teams, there are still two leagues (one in Sweden and one in Finland) with over 20 teams that has to do something to move forward and develop the leagues. Or are you trying to tell us that the KHL aims to destroy the domestic leagues? Good luck with that.

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