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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
It sure seems like it. This organization has very little clue on what they're doing for the future IMO. An example is the Nash/Gaborik swap. Let's trade for Nash, we need more scoring. Derp, now we don't have any depth in place, let's move Gaborik to get that depth. Yay we finally have depth now, but wait, we still can't score in the playoffs. Let's move more depth for Bobby Ryan/Thomas Vanek. Wash, rinse, repeat. The true problem with the roster is the lack of an elite defenseman and sub-par center depth.

And the trades and FA signings that Sather has made in his tenure have largely been disasters and haven't work. When is enough, enough? If you keep failing at that, why keep doing it?

So you think it's largely the players' faults that the FA signings didn't work? No accountability is given to the man and his pro scouts who constantly hire these suddenly declining players?
This is perfect example of revisionist history. There was no Nash/Gaborik “swap”. Nash was acquired to supplement Gaborik a move largely seen as a win for the NYR but not you. You know Gaborik was moved for cap reasons along with his struggles so why skew it as misdirection of management? How could management know about the forthcoming implications of a lower cap, lockout, shortened season when they traded for Nash?

So your solution is stop making trades and signing free agents? Sure they all haven’t worked out, but disasters? not quite.
Again if you’re coming to the conclusion that this is a “failed method” then you won’t be pleased with anything less than a full
grassroots rebuild, where we finish last for “X” years in an attempt to draft generational talent, which will take an additional “X” amount of years to develop and integrate into a core of non existent players that you would blow out of the organization.

IMO nothing short of the above would please you so you continue to kick S### at every move the org. makes at every level. Look at your avatar caption. coincidence? look at the way you dog Krieder after such a small sampling of NHL play. You “follow” this team it seems to mock and deride them at the expense of other posters here.

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