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07-01-2013, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
I have to say; I'm not a basketball fan. Never really have been. I'll put on a sixers game every now and then if there's nothing else on, but i won't really ever go out of my way to, and most of the time, i get bored with it by the end of the 1st half. That said, I'm a philadelphia sports fan. I think this move was a great move to make for them. Jrue was just not good enough to carry this team to where it needs to be and too good to allow them to tank and get the sort of player that you need to succeed in the NBA. Now the sixers have a young promising big man to build around, another young high draft pick with potential and 2 potential lottery picks next season.
That's the idea. I'm trying not to put all the hope on Wiggins though. Even if we finish with the worst record there's a 75% chance we don't get the 1st pick. But after Wiggins there are potential stars in Randle, Parker, and Gordon. The team will hopefully walk away with one out of those four and get another guy with the Pelicans pick in the late lottery.

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