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07-01-2013, 04:34 PM
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In my opionion it is lack luster. MacT promised changes and the draft is one of the best time to make those changes. And despite how hard he tried, he still failed.

The exact same excuses being trotted out for MacT now are the ones that were used for Tambo for the last handful of years.

"So you wanted him to overpay?"
"No other teams were making trades"
"He tried, but no one wanted to dance"

A good general manager needs to be able to make a good trade. No one is expecting MacT to overpay. But it does not take an overpay to make your team better. If one deal doesn't work because it would cost too much, then go out and get a different one done.

As for the argument that we still have months until the season start so plenty of time to improve the team... go back and tell me how often a team makes significant changes in the dead of the summer. MacT and the Oilers management realistically have about a week from the point free agency begins and at that point GM's shut down for business and don't open up again until training camp begins. Even then, there aren't really anymore trades until trade deadline.

Sure we can give MacT some more time. But in about 10 days he's going to have run out of time and we are going to have a pretty damned good idea what sort of shape this team is going to be in come next season. MacT has a **** tonne of work cut out for him.

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