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07-01-2013, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nuge View Post
No. It means we had an incompetent staff that has since been fired.

Maybe try letting our prospects get a couple years into their career before claiming they're busts. Yakimov is already 18 and hasn't played a single game in the NHL!!! Bust!
Pendergrast was thankfully fired, although now he's ruining Hockey Canada, but a significant number of the amateur scouts have been here for a long time. Your post made me curious about who these amateur scouts are and whether the nepotism+incompetence combo runs in that department of hockey operations as well.

Bob Brown was hired as an amateur scout in 2002. Bill Dandy in 2000. Kent Hawley in 2005. Frank Musil in 2001. So, eleven, thirteen, eight, and twelve years ago. And that's just the ones I could find information for on Google since the Oilers media guide doesn't give anything but their name and position. I'd be willing to bet that, outside of Pelle Eklund, the rest of them have been here for ~eight years or longer. Appointed by the Lord of the Rings, in other words.

This is the same **** as Krueger and Renney being canned but Kelly Buchberger working for his fifth(!) head coach. Any housecleaning was in name only.

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