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07-01-2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Multimoodia View Post
If I were to be a full-on cynical individual I would note I would agree that if Vinny's goal is to win another cup then signing with the Blues is likely the worst thing he can do.

But, I am trying to not hold on to that particular mindset and go a bit more Pollyanna...and thus will poke holes in your argument instead.

First of all, I would hope that any top tier free agent (which Vinny qualifies as) would thoroughly investigate any team before deciding to include/exclude and ultimately sign with them.

Does Vinny want the media spotlight?
Does Vinny believe he needs to play #1 center?
Is Vinny willing to play in a more defensive system with the realization that his points might go down and not having any sort of guarantee that he wins another cup? (in particular if he signs with the Blues?...sorry, sorry I'm trying, I really am)
Are the wingers on the Blues satisfactory to Vinny's playing style?
Is the coach a good mesh?
Will the team do whatever is needed?
Will the team give Vinny the contract he wants or as close to is as possible? A consideration if Helene St. James is correct with Detroit since they are supposedly only offering 2 years.

And you are reducing the entire thing to a mere "Impact Free Agents don't like St. Louis" as the whole of your argument?
Some simplification can help to clear things up, but this seems more than a bit too far.
For a guy like Vinny, there might be aomeemphasis on the actual city, because he is concerned with the needs of his family.

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