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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Have you been to a neurologist? The one I visited was fantastic for me and helped me square away what I thought was PCS but was whiplash AND treated my anxiety.

Oddly enough, it was taking anti-anxiety medications that killed off a lot of the nagging symptoms (dizziness, unsteadiness, headaches, fatigue) to where it was just neck pain and headaches, and with physical therapy that was gone within a month.

I would explore that option if I were you, talk to your GP or a neurologist even.
You had dizziness, unsteadiness and fatigue? I don't really have any of those, just headaches when I think hard or read too much.

I did see one neurologist, she seems convinced that I don't display any concussion symptoms and she thinks it is school anxiety related. I hopefully will finally my 6 year long PhD dissertation very soon.

Which neurologist did you see?

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