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07-01-2013, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Baby Punisher View Post
By your logic you would rather have Sather give one player most of our money towards his deal & soak up more cap space.

Everyone assumes the cap is going to go up year in & year out. It very well may, but we don't know that for sure.

The cap COULD go down, though that to is ver unlikely.

We could be looking at some extreme all be it unlikely scenerio where Lundqvist signs this crazy retirement contract, Richards get's hurt & can't be bought out & the cap stays the same OR goes down.

Lemme tell you somthing if that did happen there would be people on this board jumping off bridges. If that is the case I really hope they use the bridges at MSG for their sawn dive because that irony would be so perfect.
Even if the cap stays the same, your argument is whacko.

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