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Originally Posted by CShuckWangGoAway* View Post
"He shouldn't have been in that league." He chose to start there. He likes the league. he also still proves your emergency backup take wrong, whether he was supposed to be in the Southie or not.

What about Ross MacKinnon, Shane Maldora, Brian Hince and Steve Christie? All these guys have been called up the last couple of seasons, and none of them were emergency backups. And these guys are just the ones i named off the top of my head. I could find more if i went looking.

It's obvious you know nothing about this league and tried to sound like you did. That's all fine, but please don't tell our league to go away. it's the only hockey anywhere near me and i enjoy it.
Yeah buddy Go Flyers! The SPHL will eclipse the CHL in quality very soon, if they havnt already. ive been watching hockey since the Ice Pilots back in the ECHL so ive seen my fair share of higher hockey. and ill tell you this its more entertaining most of the time than the ECHL. and the hockey is great quality like i said. your dead wrong about the SPHL Eddy. sure the league obviously isnt as high as the ECHL but at time its as High as the E and some players even make it to higher ups,and its damn entertaining!

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