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07-01-2013, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Interesting post. It is all about money, we all know it.

I have said for months that finnish KHL team is a matter of time. To be honest, I was still suprised by "behaviour of Jokerit". The way how they announce it - we are joining KHL, nobody stops us, like it or not. That is an important message, KHL started to play hard-ball.

I can imagine there is a mess among finnish clubs, some of them prefer ET (Champions league with current domestic leagues), others nordic league with Swedes, one or two teams want KHL. This mess is a situation which KHL needs .. no unity within Finland. There is Sweden next door. Are we sure that all swedish clubs are united? All of them want Nordic league? As I follow it, they have problem among relegation formula among SHL/Allsvenskan. I read interview of president of swedish federation that they will develop SHL in future. Remember, you need to launch Nordic League within a year or two. If you dont do it, more and more finnish (maybe swedish??) clubs will be pro-KHL because they will see no future in euro-league project (like Harkimo said).

Media will be very important in this "finnish mess". I can imagine, you will read about great Jokeritīs route in KHL, and Jokerit everywhere and everytime. At least, this has happened in Czech rep and Slovakia.

OK man, I read your replies.

Are you gonna stop being bitter at some point and accept the fact that no one here cares about your favorite league? "united" or not And if your leagues shady businessmen tries anything illegal here they get handled as such, we are pretty strict about laws here in sweden

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