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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
Just coming in here to say the same things. RJ was terrible last year and I will go as far to say he was the reason we didn't make the playoffs. Obviously coaches are the ones putting him on the ice, but for gods sake when your out there do something, make a SMART play. He's our highest paid forward after Gaborik and the longest signed. Makes more than both Tyutin and Johnson. The kicker is that when he's on the ice he doesn't make a single CBJ line any better if not WORSE. The contract is going to look/be worse every year from now on. I don't know the role he really plays in the room or how the guys feel about him personally, but 1 thing is for certain. They know when he plays like ****, when he hurts the team. And it happened far to often last year, in all aspects. There are guys on this team that most definitely have some sort of issue with the ice time and favorable line matchups he gets, by feeling they (or somebody else) can help the team more in his spot. JK n JD say they will do anything they can to improve the club. At this point I honestly feel, at a 4.5 cap hit, there's nothing RJ Umberger can do to improve this team by being on the roster next year. You do?? How about 4 more years!?!?!
1) He did get way too much ice time. Led the forwards in ice time.

2) He did not get favorable matchups, although too much PP. Was on the shutdown line for much of the year, and lots of PK.

3) When you miss the playoffs by a tie-breaker, every screw up all year long, every post, every blown call could be "the reason we missed the playoffs". Take your pick.

4) It doesn't help us to pay him for 8 more years to play for someone else, so it's on us to wait and see how he plays this coming year. If it really is a fitness issue, as so many think it is, then he's got a full summer to work on it. There's another amnesty buyout window next summer. If there is a buyout, it will be then.

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