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Originally Posted by Hockey Buddha View Post
Expressing what you want to do isn't the same as a promise.
He said he was going to do x and instead he did y. Semantics dont change that.

Belov isn't an entirely known commodity, but I think that it's fair to say that his game should translate fairly well into him being a solid addition to the blueline without giving up any assets for him. He adds an immediate physical element to the blueline that we are lacking. The KHL is the second best league in the world, after all.
The KHL is a much different game than the NHL. Not a lot of body contact over there. How many of us had even heard of Belov before the Oilers were reported to be in the running to sign him? He has been sold as a physical guy with a cannon from the point. What he does over here is yet to be seen and any proclamations of slotting in the top four are premature.

As for the others, MacGregor indicated that Slepyshev and Yakimov are keen to play in the NHL. Given that Yakimov attended Yakipov's camp, I think that it is likely that the Oilers have some inside info on his willingness to play in NA. It appears that the Russian picks were a part of the Oilers draft strategy and hence why they were willing to trade down with the 37th pick.
They are both currently under contract in the khl. Whether or not they come over here is yet to be seen. Even if they do, the minute they find it less than appealing they can always go back to the khl. That is the risk that you sign on for with these players.

A second round pick has about a 1 in 4 shot of being an NHL regular. MacTavish visited Russia with MacGregor and some others prior to the draft, so one can assume that these players were under observation and that the Oilers were also doing their due diligence on them.

I don't expect that you should have heard of them, as you're not an NHL scout, but when you read about these players, you should be able to assess that there is some intelligence behind these picks and that there are some solid reasons for drafting them as potential diamond in the rough picks.
Ive heard of both of them and have seen both play, although only in international play/Subway series. Not particularly struck by either of them, but Im sure they have seen them more than myself as well as live of course. That said we dont have a very good record for finding anything useful outside the first round as Everest has already pointed out.

I think that MacT'd agree with you that talk is cheap. He's said it himself. The trouble with making deals is that you need other people to be in the same mindset to make a deal. I imagine that trust is key and finding an appropriate match for needs. I think that if you rush into deals as an NHL GM, then you get fleeced. MacTavish was in the midst of every deal that would potentially improve the Oilers. It's about a willingness and having appropriate limits on what one is willing to give up as well. Trading within one's conference is difficult (Schneider), and MacT apparently put in a lot of leg work on Coburn which may come to a fruition later or not at all. Teams are likely to be much more free to make deals until all options are first explored.
If he agreed, then why did he do it? Either he was stretching the truth in some pr exercise gone wrong or he really believed he could accomplish something significant at the draft. The exact opposite happened. That is significant and should be noted imo.

This franchise is on the way up. It could be sunk quite easily by someone who deals away significant parts of the future for more immediate success.
I agree and noted it in the "good" part of my assessment.

I think that you're misreading my meaning here. I was more implying how impatient you are being with MacT as GM.
Im discussing what he has done (or not done) up until now as per the thread title.

No, but I like that he was being forthright with the fans. I think the fans deserve to know the direction that he wants to take the team. Do you think based on what he's told us that it is incorrect?
I dont have a problem with that. However that isnt really what he did. He did do that but then he went much further, stating players names that werent going to be back, saying he was going to make bold moves with our draft picks to acquire immediate help, and so on. He was pretty specific and yes, some of those things have come and gone with no results and no payoff.

Here's where we differ: I don't think it's fair to include MacT as a participant in "the mess they have made." He wasn't GM after 2006, when the team was gutted after the playoffs. He was the coach.
I believe he had a hand in personnel decisions. We saw that with Renney in Oil Change. I believe they acquired Potter on his recommendation. I cant believe Mactavish never enjoyed the same access. The point being Mactavish had a pretty good kick at the cat already. Eight years. And now he is back for more. Again with zero experience. Im of the opinion that fans should be demanding more from the organization. I think Lowe, Mact and anyone/everyone else associated with them have had MORE than enough time to right the ship.

Seven years and counting without even one solitary playoff appearance is more than any fan should have to bear, without significant change, and that means cleaning house, top to bottom. Its time for real change. Not picking out a scapegoat at the end of the year and sacrificing him on the Gretzky statue and pretending that's good enough.

In the end we get what we deserve. If we keep buying what these guys are selling then we arent going to see real change. Im not buying what they are selling.

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