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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
My faith in Clark is starting to dime...he has done well for us but there are teams with better scouts...we can't keep drafting guys just because they are fast. We keep drafting fast guys yet when we play teams with speed we look like we are skating in sand.

Clark drafts 3 small players or players that do not engage physically at all and 1 big player...Bruins draft 5 big players and 2 small, if the big player doesn't pan out which is the likelihood we come out of the draft with no, everyone will say how easy is it is to obtain grit...I don't buy that at all.

The Hawks get a gritty runt in the 1st and then take risk the rest of the way...but they can afford to do that..

Sabres 11 picks...8 picks are size.

Kings added more size.

Sens, 5 out of 7 size.

Flyers, 5 out of 6 size

Blue's all 4 picks...size.

Leaf's all big boys.

it's nice to go for home runs when you are loaded with the big club or your farm is ready to explode...we have neither...instead of infusing size into our system we went for can't win like that.

Bruins are the toast of the East...Pen's still have the most talent but unless MAF turns it around they wont win ****.
I agree that players with skill, speed, size and snarl are very hard to find. And we need these players badly. Yet this was a draft with few picks and all late, crap shoot picks at that.

In that type of scenario I have to give Clark and his guys the benefit of the doubt. I can't blame him for going for home run scoring picks.

You can always use picks in a package to get what you need size wise later. That might be what they are thinking. Every team needs more goal scorers

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