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Originally Posted by BestWestern View Post
Enthropi: Hadn't thought about Matt Cullen, what do you think would make him a good fit for ur 3C? What kind of money/term would you give him? TBH the only way I trade Horcoff is if I can find a better 3C in FA, without giving up an asset. There is another compliance buyout window next summer, and Horcs trade value will probably be higher around trade deadline.

I don't really want a banger/crasher for a 4th line C, if you want that, get a winger not a centre. I want a centre who can get the puck out of his own end, win face-offs, and who is defensively responsible. Gordon > Lapierre for this, but I would take either.

I'm looking at Richardson as a potential winger as well. And I would stay the hell away from Clowe. No offence, footspeed fading fast, and age is catching up with him. Wouldn't surprise me if he was out of the league in 3 years. Unless Detroit signs him.

At this point, I don't really wanna waste a contract on 5's, 6's, and 7's who MIGHT turn out to be top 4 Dmen. If we're acquiring any D-man, I want a bonafide top 4 LH Dman. If our bottom 4 D men are:

I'm fine with that. No need to add another contract. The bigger issue is:
????-J. Schultz

No maybe's or sorta's. Gimme Tyutin!

Also, just look at what carrying 8 dmen last year resulted in: Harti up and down because he wouldn't have to clear waivers. If you sign another Potter, not a Fistric, then you don't run into that problem with Lander, etc.

But as far as free agency goes, I Would only target a RH depth dman, who is solid enough to play bottom pairing if someone is injured.
I imagine Cullen would want a similar deal to what he had in MN, 3.5M or so, 2-3y. He's good on the dot, responsible, decent size but no overly physical, still better than Horcoff though, and he had a very solid offensive season. Has a Cup ring too I believe and a good leader.

I want one of our Cs to be a banger, we thought we'd be good with defensively responsible guys like Horcoff and Belanger, but in the end, defensive ability doesn't make you harder to play against, we need guys that will stop only poke-checking and actually separate opponents from the puck. I also want more physical wingers, but at least 1C that can do that too. Adds another dimension to line-matching when you can throw out a vet shutdown guy who can counter-punch with offense, or a physical shutdown guy who will make softer players stay shy.

I also don't really like Clowe, but as I said, it's really the only big top-6 LW UFA. *Shrug* I'd much rather MacT to be proactive and approach WSH about Laich, they are up to the cap, with significant RFAs to sign. I really think they want Ribeiro back too, and they barely had Laich this season at all, it's the perfect time to pounce. And Laich can take face-offs on Gagner or RNH's line too, wherever he plays. Really a perfect fit.

The D us really up in the air. Pretty obvious Petry, Smid, JSchultz and Belov will be a part of the D. NSchultz they seem to like like. So it's like pieces of a puzzle all in place, but you still feel like it's not right. But other pieces you try don't seem like they'll make that much of a difference. Maybe if a Daley or Robidas would be available from Dallas, that would be a proper upgrade, but I'd still like a serious hitter in there too. I mean Smid hits a lot but not in an intimidating way, I'd want to add someone who wrecks people, and in the top-4 ideally. Tough to find though. Maybe Orpik? even if he's lost a step allegedly.

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