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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
I don't even mean next year, I mean in general. What does a guy like him look for? What are some advanced statistics and how do they work>?
in terms of advanced stats. It is all about effiencency. point per shot, shot attempts per to.

Analytics are nice, and now more than ever we can not only see who the good players in the nba are but what makes them so good. But unlike in baseball , there is no 1 stat that a person can hang their hat on as the preeminent stat. In bball you have obp, and then slg percentage. in the early 2000's gm's were paying guys based off slugging percentage, but guys with the high obp were the ones that were winning games. THen there was a switch later in the decade.

Basketball is in its infancy in terms of analytics, and really there is no telling stat , that can predict a players ability to contribute to wins.

Darryl morey who is considered the bill james of basketball, cut jeremy lin. Then signed him to a huge deal when his advanced stats showed how productive he was, now he is trying to trade him again.

IMO analytics within basketball are really bad at predicting a players value.

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