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07-01-2013, 07:24 PM
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Not a happy camper but I will see what he can do over the summer. I think Mac T went into this draft thinking he had all the angles. One huge problem is that Lowe has pissed off so many other GM's it is almost impossible for them to get that taste out of their mouths. As well, very few players want to come to play for the Oilers due to the repeat turmoil in every aspect of the organization.

I think Mac T was so focussed on Coburn that it gave him tunnel vision and he really did not pay enough attention to Bolland, Clutterbuck, etc at the time to get into the mix. He was too busy going back and forth with Holmgren that he probably missed the chance to pitch a deal. I can't believe that they missed Coburn's limited no movement clause in his contract. That is a huge fail in attention to detail.

As someone has stated not many dance partners and Mac T looked a bit pissed and frazzled at the same time during the interview. Finally, people are starting question the long standing scouting staff of this organization. Stu didn't look much better in his interview other then agreeing with the person asking the questions. He didn't come off as very polished to say the least. JMO

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