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Originally Posted by skorf View Post

1) Signing Belov, Mac said he was going to get immediate help, maybe we didn't get it in the draft but Belov will be with the Oilers this year and is an immediate upgrade
2) Not trading for Clutterbuck, I really wanted him but I would not want to have tried to beat the Islanders package.
3) Drafting the 2 Russian guys in the middle rounds. Sounds like those guys are friends and friends with Yakupov. If it was not for the Russian factor those guys would have had a good chance to be first rounders. Even if it is a 50% chance that they come over in 2 years. That is still better odds then other middle round guys have to make the team. And getting them together I would said increases the odds of them coming over

1) Not trading for Kennedy, he's a decent role player but we could find a comparable player in free agency or some team in a cap crunch later who will want to give someone up cheaply, no reason to give up a 2nd rounder for him.
2) Not drafting a goalie, I'd have loved to get Fucale in the second but he went one before us. (not trading up, can't really grade it since we don't know the asking price) The remaining goalies are not any different then the ones we have developing now. I wouldn't want to waste a pick and have 5 instead of 4 developmental goalies that maybe could make the NHL (Hoivenen, Bunz, Roy, and Tiimhoma or however you spell it)
3) Not trading back up for a first, I know some people wanted to trade back up for a 2nd line center type of player, but the asking price likely was way too high. I think only 2 first round trades off the top of my head (18 + 20 swap) and the schneider one. Likely it was not worth the asking price. I know when Feaster (mid round 1st range) was being interviewed after the 2nd pick, he said that there were several offers on the table but they wanted a guy (I assume most picks were that way) so it wasn't for the lack of teams trying to move up just no one wanted to move down.
4) Not overpaying in trades. We want to improve now but there is no reason we should mortgage the future for help now. I think he's seeing some of the issues the previous regime had, we have our young guys that we want to keep and very few other assets that teams are interested in. Would giving up MPS and a high pick be worth it to get Coburn, when we could sign someone like Brewer or someone comparable to around the same amount of money. I'd rather not have us make the trade.

1) New coach, I like that he went out and got a guy that he wanted and a guy with the philosophy he likes. Worst thing is to have a GM and coach with different goals. With that said, I'm not a big fan of the hire since I think he's overrated and a byproduct of the Toronto media coverage.

1) His interview, yeah he seemed flustered and I think the major reason was they honestly thought either Monahan or Lindholm would be there. When neither were, they were on to plan C and management was split as to exactly what plan C was going to be.

1) being too opened mouthed, as fans we love to hear the rumors and I think he is trying to give hope to a fan base that has endured some recent losing. But you do not want to show your cards and he needs to not talk to the media so much

1) Not trading for Bolland, Chicago supposedly took less to get Bolland where he wanted to be plus it's in the other conference. We have no idea what we would have needed to offer to get it done but I would guess it'd have had to be considerably more.
2) Not moving Hemsky and Horcoff... I'd guess almost no one wants them, Hemsky should have been traded at the 2012 trade deadline and Horcoff became untradeable after he signed that contract; nothing Mac can do about that, he can look into finding them a new home now and see what he'd have to package to get it done
3) Schneider trade, Vancouver did not want to deal with us, not his fault
4) He is new to the job, we still have a few weeks to make some trades and all of free agency. I'd rather have a patient GM then one who goes and makes a drastic move in panic. The best GM's sit back and wait for a good opportunity and then pounce.
I can get behind most of what you said here. It's nice to see someone with thought out arguments instead of OMGFIREMACTHESAWFULRAWR.

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