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His Acceleration was good, he wasn't the fastest player on the ice but he had a good top speed. He's not the fastest player on the ice but he has gotten taller in past years and his stride has gotten better from what I have heard.
He hits when he needs to, not a head hunter at all.
-Mentality (is he a leader, more of a follower, etc.)
He is young, but he was always a follower/ leader by example. Soft spoken but really just a nice guy, he never let being good go to his head.
-Is he better offensively or defensively?
As you can tell from his points, he played more defensively at holderness, but this is because the team struggled with it's other defenders and forwards backchecking. H
-How much better than the competition was he?
So Holderness only plays a couple of good teams (KUA being one of them)
He was always better than everyone on the ice

He is smart defender, he is always in position and is a step ahead of his competition. He is a smart player who makes good solid plays. He has great soft hands and has a couple tricks up his sleeve. He is by no means a dangler, but he can see what needs to be done and get it done. He was too young to the league to lead PP at Holderness, but he did log time and his did do well. He was starting PK and he did well. He is the kind of player you want as your last defender. His shootout moves are also pretty slick (nothing that he could use in the NHL), but I think Philly has a solid draft pick in him. I don't know about hall of fame, but I think if T (his nickname) keeps improving as he did he will easily be a good 3rd line defenseman and maybe even better.

Capable of moving the puck blue line to blue line? Outlet passing?
How does he handle things when pressured with the puck on his stick?
How is his positioning? How often does he get caught out of position? How is his stickwork? Does he clog passing/shooting lanes well? How much PP/PK time does he get? Can he QB a PP? How is his shot? Work ethic? Grades? Popular or not? Does he get distracted by women/friends/partying too much? How does he communicate to other players on the ice? Does he direct the defense positionally or just let his partner do what they want? Big frame/bones or small? Does he hit the weights at all? How is his cardio?

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