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10-22-2006, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Dont ask, dont tell...I dont understand why there is a need to proclaim ones sexual preference. Myself, I have no issue with it provided that individual can take just as much of the razzing that a hetero will take in the locker room. maybe more. But, there will always be those who are homophobic so why ruin a team chemistry for the sake of some small personal need. I dont need to know if a person is homo, a cross dresser, whatever. STMI sharing too much information
Simply talking about a pro player like this guy, it's much less about who he's having sex with but also who he has a relationship with. I know I passed up a lot of time with my friends when I started dating my wife. Most of the time we were just hanging out together enjoying each other's company. For a gay man who wants to socialize with other gay men I can see it as much more than a small personal need. Besides, if he's pretending to be straight whenever he's with his team I'm sure it becomes a huge burden to be pretending all the time.

To answer the original question, it wouldn't bother me to have a gay team mate. It surprises me a little that this is still an issue.

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