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07-01-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
This year? No. Not at all.

The Devils record with Brodeur + Kovy both in the lineup was outstanding. The problem is Brodeur went down and Hedberg completely sucked, team lost like 5 straight. When he finally came back, Kovy went down and we lost 10 straight.

Like Kershaw said, we completely dominated some games and still came out with losses. The Leafs game is the best example. We outshot Toronto like 28-6 through 2 periods and were tied 0-0. It wasn't just a case of shooting every chance we got and shooting terrible shots, although that did happen at times, but bome of these were tic-tac-toe bang-bang plays that led to highway robbery saves and posts. It was a frustrating season because the Devils dominated almost every game they played and still lost.

If the Devils can sign or at least replace Clarkson, and Schnieder plays 40-45 games next year, I do believe the Devils will be better than the Rangers. Not trying to start a fight on that, just an opinion. I think the Rangers and Devils are both 5-8 seeds.
Disagree on opinion but Schniedy was a good trade. Devs have some glaring deficiencies on D but if Clarky resigns/replaced and a young 3rd line steps up (Lokomotiv, tedenby, josefsen) then you should be ok, objectively.

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