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07-01-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
That is a matter of opinion I guess. I think both are 1rst line talents, but neither are players you primarily build your offense around. Unfortunately, the team officials disagree.

Nash is an elite player at his positon, I don't feel he is a franchise talent. I feel very few wingers are held in that regard. Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Kane, MSL and Hall IMO are franchise talents at wing. It's much rarer to see a winger have an impact on the game than centers.

I watch games and use the stat sheet.

A large portion of teams develop their talent from homegrown players. I feel that those should secondary pieces via FA signings and trades, but the bulk and core of the team should be drafted. The Rangers are doing well in that regard, they just haven't struck an elite player yet outside of Lundqvist. Sure fire elite players a

It shouldn't matter how old I was in the dark ages. The same organization that didn't have a clue during the dark ages are still the same team managing it right now (Sather). And what Sather's shown me in 13 yrs is a lack of vision for today's game.

I could care less about the 1994 anymore. Believe me, I own VHS sets of that team and I used to watch re-runs each day while getting into the game. However, there is a time where you've got to move on. I didn't get to watch it or experience it, but it was freaking 19 years ago.
Is there a competitve team that has built an offense around one player besides argubly washington and the devils?

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