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07-01-2013, 10:30 PM
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IMO, it's too early to tell.

MacT regime has shown difference in philosophies from the previous regime by letting the scouts pick BPA, and placing an emphasis on development over winning at the AHL level. I think that's a positive

Negatively, he's looked green as hell in interviews. Announcing Horc and Hemmer were gone before they were gone, and making bold promises before he understood the market, is the type of hubris that had plagued the Oilers in the Lowe area.

Other than Coburn the major rumours involving the Oil were about Clutterbuck and Schneider, whom under no circumstance were being traded to Edmonton, so I question if all this trade talk MacT was having was useful (certainly not fruitful)

It's concerning to me that on a team with little 'tradeable' assets other than draft picks and franchise players, we are now trying to rebuild the roster through UFA after trading for more draft picks. That's more of the same and something MacT said he would avoid. McKenzie said MacT would be happy not drafting at all, so we are very obviously already onto plan B

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