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Originally Posted by skorf View Post
I'd prefer Clarkson to Horton. The last 2 years Clarkson has been just as good as Horton and if anything is steadily improving. Horton has kind of leveled off. I'd stay away from both these guys though, someone will likely pay them over 5 mil a season, and I do not want that to be us. A 4 year 22 million dollar deal could really hurt keeping our own guys. If we're shelling out 5+ million a year, I'd like someone a bit better coming back. And really Penner could do almost as much as Clarkson or Horton and fits in at LW.

Lander I'd prefer in the NHL. Sure he needs to get his offense on track but realistically we don't need offense from him, we need him to improve more on defense, PK, and faceoffs. I think playing a consistent 3rd/4th line role would help his development tremendously

As for a goalie, if we can get someone for less then 2 mil, I'm fine with that. Khudobin I bet gets more, Labarberra I think is a possibility. Just with backup goalies, I'd tend to think they'd resign with their own teams since they'd likely get the same $ offer and would still be a backup here.
I don't think we can say Clarkson is improving. He had one big year, followed by a regression to slightly above his average season. I think he's taken a step, but I don't think we can expect this player to continue developing.

Nor should we consider Horton or Clarkson to keep developing. These are prime-aged players, who will most likely have plateaued offensively. With Horton, his plateau is higher than Clarkson, and more sustainable. In my first post, I pointed out Horton's offensive consistency. Yeah if someone paid them more than $5M I wouldn't go near them. My max offers were both < $5M IIRC.

That's expecting Penner returns to something close to his 09-10 form, which is not a sure thing.

In the AHL, Lander would be getting more faceoffs as a #2C as opposed to a #4C in the NHL, play more minutes on the PK, and be counted on in important defensive situations. In The NHL, he'd play 10 minutes a night (at most) be a 5/6 PKer, and get stapled to the bench with a one goal lead.

I think AHL is the right move until we can reasonably say "We don't need Boyd Gordon, Lander can do all those things pretty well"

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