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07-02-2013, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Sloth Slothersons View Post
I'll wait training camp starts. If any of Hemsky, Horcoff, or Belanger are on this roster. Then he failed. Then I'll wait until the end of the season to assess again.
That's a pretty big order. I think you better be prepared to be disappointed.
Belanger may be easy enough to get rid of, but Horc and Hemsky will be tough to move.


Regarding MacT's performance ... seems a bit premature to be grading him long before he's had the chance to assemble even one opening day roster.

So far I think his biggest mistakes were coming out with the comments about Horcoff and Hemsky. The "broken spirit" comments were odd and probably made an already difficult to move player even harder to trade. I cannot see any GM in this league trading anything for Horcoff. Its gotta be as close to an unmoveable deal as you can find in the NHL. No choice but to buy him out and I hope MacT will lobby Katz to agree to that. Knowing how MacT and Katz love Horc though I fully expect to see him "captaining" this team when the puck drops in September. If MacT is somehow able to get rid of Horc that will be a miracle the likes of which we haven't seen Lowe fleeced the Blues.

Firing Krueger was a big move. The accolades/criticism from that decision will now fall on his shoulders. In that respect I'm glad Eakins was hired because now nobody can turn around and say the head coach was Tamby's hire.

I'm not super excited that MacT is the GM, but I'm going to give him a season before I participate in any fire MacT threads.

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