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07-02-2013, 12:09 AM
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I remember the comments as well about "giving the scouts the day off"(paraphrased).

Is it confirmed that MacT actually said that... or just inferred by the "fact" that MacT was apparently in on so many trade deals/conversations?

Anyway... then comes time for the actual draft and he makes the scouts work harder than they have in years and they end up picking 10 flavours of ice cream when they thought they'd just have a take the Chocolate Sundae with the cherry on top and call it a day.

So yes, obviously the team went from plan A to B to C and maybe even X, Y, Z when they realized all the conversations they were having weren't actually going to lead to any deals for any roster players.

I'm sure I also read a comment that MacT himself said he was making a lot of phone calls... probably too many by his own estimation.

To me it sounds like he's a really eager beaver... keen as mustard to get right in there and "right the ship" that Tambo scuttled.

I'm sure he has lots of ideas and an overall solid philosophy on what "should" be done... but he's also had literally just a few weeks of experience as a GM and likely quickly learning (like anyone new to a job) that it's not as easy as they first thought it might be.

Some of those crusty, "streetwise" GM's have been in this business for many years... and in some cases... decades... and they very likely know the lay of the land in the NHL much better and the values of assets and picks more precisely than MacT does as well.

Steals and great deals are few and far between.

I'm sure MacT knew it wasn't going to be as easy as unscrewing 8 old, blown lightbulbs and replacing them with fancy new fluorescent models... more efficient, economical and better in every way... but he probably didn't realize the price was so much higher than those older models and it turns out there was a very limited availability of those better models as well... plus EVERYONE else seems to want them.

Turns out it's still pretty dark in MacT's Olde Trading Shoppe after the draft.

Luckily the days are long in Edmonton in the summer so there's still time to get things shining more brightly before the start of another long winter ahead... days are already getting shorter though and the clock is ticking... WINTER IS COMING.

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