Thread: Confirmed with Link: Tyler Wright Leaves CBJ Organization
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07-02-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by punk_o_holic View Post
Maybe they thought, straight up firing him would have been unclassy knowing that he was well liked within the city,fans, and the organization. So rather then firing him, they offered him a new crappy position. In JD and Jarmo's case, accepting or not accepting, it opens up a spot for someone new, someone that they want. By Wright declining, it looks like he left on his own terms, rather then getting fired.

So far, it seems like JD/Jarmo will try to make their firings classy. 1)When Howson got fired, they still offered him another job. 2)When they fired(told his contract wasn't gettng re-newed) the European scout, they fired him early on to give him a chance to find another job from another team. They said they didn't want to let him know late in the year when teams filled out their positions. 3)then my theory on the Wright situation.
I like the way you laid that out. Probably true. . .

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