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07-02-2013, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by JetsOilersfan View Post
It's funny about all these 'tambo' haters. Sorry,but you guys don't have a freaking clue about what goes on behind closed doors. I'll say it again (and again and again) Tambo had NOTHING to deal with when he took over. Go ahead tambo haters, prove me wrong. Go back to the first year he was GM here and YOU tell ME what we had that if you were a GM you'd trade for. Our farm system was a joke, our future prospects NON EXISTENT. His mandate first and formost was to build a FARM SYSTEM - you can't do that if you trade away all your picks.

Tambo was not a bad GM - he was actually really good by NOT trading away future picks/prospects for a bunch of ahole hockey players who would only be here a year or two then leave.

MacT is now starting to see just how tough it is. NOBODY is lining up for Hemsky or Horcoff - If you were a GM would you offer good players/prospect them? One of our top 4 will need to be traded and it's still a bit too early to do it. You gotta give to get and the 'get' has to be worth it. No one is interested in making us better right now.

MacT did alright - I wanted Jarry though you never know down the road we could trade for him
I wasn't a Tambo basher.

I realized that Tambo needed to sit on his hands.
It's just ******** that they brought Mac-T in to do the same thing. Mac-T must do something otherwise Kevin Lowe is just showing off that he can't help but play favourites even if it means the end of someone's job or hurting someone's reputation.
I bet Tambo wouldn't have come to Edmonton if he knew K-Lowe was going to treat him like this.

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