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07-02-2013, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by blackwater View Post
so what exactly has mact done so far to warrent this negative opinion? was it NOT overpaying for schnider, clutterbuck, and coburn? or maybe it was hiring the most sought after head coach on the market? no it's probably turning 6 draft picks into 10 in what is widely considered the deepest draft in the past decade.

many posters on here have just been waiting for any reason whatsoever to throw mact under the bus, not because of the job he's doing as gm, but soley because he's craig mactavish and part of the oilers "old boys club"

at least give the guy one full off-season to prove that he's a competent gm, if this team looks to be largely the same team as last year come spring training,then fine tear him apart, but jesus, free agency hasn't even started yet give the guy a chance to prove himself.
Nothing would be the word Im looking for. He promised us champagne and caviar and delivered happy pop and boiled hot dogs on stale buns.

Lol at everyone coming to the rescue for poor old mistreated Craig Mactavish. Ive been a fan of this team since before they were even in the nhl. Before Craig Mactavish or Kevin Lowe ever donned the uniform. I loved them and respected them both as players. They were both warriors.

That doesnt mean I cant have an objective pov when it comes to their misadventures in the front office. Gretzky was the best to ever play the game. Stuff I saw him do on a regular basis was truly something to behold. But he was a flop as a coach in the nhl. Does that mean I "hate" Wayne Gretzky? Does that mean I want him to fail? Does it mean that I cant wait to throw him under the bus?

That's a completely misguided and ridiculous notion. This team sucks and has sucked due to the poor decision making of Kevin Lowe and Craig Mactavish. Cup rings be damned. Ill be damned if I cant speak about it in an honest, straight forward manner because some "fans" cant handle the truth.

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