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07-02-2013, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
I wasn't a Tambo basher.

I realized that Tambo needed to sit on his hands.
It's just ******** that they brought Mac-T in to do the same thing. Mac-T must do something otherwise Kevin Lowe is just showing off that he can't help but play favourites even if it means the end of someone's job or hurting someone's reputation.
I bet Tambo wouldn't have come to Edmonton if he knew K-Lowe was going to treat him like this.
Tambellini didnt sit on his hands. Neither did Craig Mactavish this past weekend. They ran into brick walls. You can "want" to make changes till you are blue in the face, but if you dont have the buy in, you cant get a seat at the table, and you are left watching with a handful of chips jingling around in your pocket.

Simply put we dont have the organizational depth to be throwing around picks/prospects/and quality nhl players in trade talks. So we are left trying to pawn off our rusty Pintos in hopes of snagging a Cadillac, only to find weve been handed the keys to a Gremlin. Rinse and repeat.

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