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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
How is De La Rose more likely to make it to the NHL than McCarron. For all we know, Grégoire might end up being the best guy out there. Look no further than Gallagher.

What I do know though, is that everybody here didn't mind last year when their golden boys got picked, but this year, for some reason, everybody wants Timmins' head on a pyke because he got some guys who are less skilled than last year as a whole, but grittier/tougher/more complete. If anything, this year is more about safe bets than last year. Crisp is a project. Fine. Anything can happen.

McCarron is still seen by a lot of people as being a very safe pick, in the sense that if he doesn't pan out offensively, he still is going to be a serviceable player on a team's bottom-6, thanks to his size and his speed.

And with the recent success the Swedish development program had for forwards (Tedenby, Josefson, Forsberg, ...), I'm not sure De La Rose is the safest prospect to make it in that group.

Some said Crisp was likely to become anything between Matt Hendricks and Shawn Thornton. If that's the case, it's fantastic. Most 3rd rounders don't amount to that.

Just like a guy like McCarron ending up as the forward version of Byfuglien, or Bryan Bickell wouldn't be disappointing at all.
People have been describing McCarron as a gamble...a good gamble though. Yes he might end up like Byfuglien, Bickell, but he might also be a Boyle, Jessiman and all the other reaches and attempts to find the next Lucic. Of course, I'm not saying he is more likely to end up like the latter two.

Crisp is a project, no matter how you slice it. We are essentially hoping he can be a Shawn Thornton, Matt Hendricks. Some also question whether he would have been drafted at all had the habs not picked him. While he could amount to those two, he could amount to nothing at all. We could play the "he could" game all day long, but in the end, he's a project...which means a lot in the way of prospects.

De La Rose seems like a safe pick because he has good speed, size, defensive ability, tenacity and agility. The biggest question here is his offensive ability (probably the biggest factor to determine what type of player he is), but his fundamentals are good (doesn't mean he doesn't need work and that he's ready right now). He also already plays against men, which is another positive factor. He's a safe pick imo, which is why he is the most likely of the three, at least for me, to be an nhler down the road. How he will contribute in the nhl will depend on his development.

Of course anything can happen, but you are taking more risks with prospects described as gambles and projects than ones described as safe. Of course these are gambles the habs need to take. The three are the types of players the Habs are missing in their prospect pool and on the team in general. One makes it, I'm happy. Having those three in particular out of the 7 we drafted make it to the nhl is pretty unlikely. For instance, it's a bet I wouldn't be willing to make. Could it happen? Sure, anything could happen...but while that says something, it says nothing at all at the same time.

I get that everyone is excited that we drafted some bigger players, but we need to tame our expectations. Just because they are bigger, doesn't mean they are a lock to make it. If they do make it, it's great news, but I think it's more likely that one makes it and I'm totally fine with that I said, I'll be happy.

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