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07-02-2013, 02:08 AM
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Jets fan here, was coming over respectfully to look for a bit of info on Clarkson, and found this:

Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post

1) He falls down a lot

2) He's a deceptively talented fighter, but now that he thinks he's an Art Ross Trophy candidate, he doesn't fight anymore.

3) He has two offensive moves, and two offensive moves only:
Move a) Wrap-around
Move b) Toe-drag

4) He will shoot from the parking lot (of the practice rink arena).

5) He is physically incapable of passing, a born puck hog (GENUS: Sus SPECIES: Puckhogicus).

6) He seems like a genuinely nice young man.

7) On or off the ice, he is not a threat to cure cancer.

8) There are a handful of NHL GMs that seem to have a raging ***** in their pants for him.

9) He's always the last player off the ice and shoots a puck into the open net before games.

10) He once scored 30 goals in a season (and he will never do it again, and once he realizes that, he will be a very effective player again).
I don't think he fits with us at all, we're looking for a RW to play with Kane, and two puck hogs on one line isn't very good. Kane also does the stupid wraparound when he has 1-2 of his team mates wide open. That's probably the most juvenile play in hockey. Although the fact Clarkson goes for dirty goals is nice (only Ladd seems to on the Jets). We could use someone that sits in front of the net on the PP. I just don't think he's what we're looking for.

Always loved the Devils brand of hockey, you guys always seemed to have a unique system. I love the 3 man on blue line dump and chase. Just creates utter chaos. How LL got Schneider is pure wizardry as well.


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