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Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
You know how sometimes when you don't have kids you criticize people who do about how they raise them. "Well, my kid will never throw a tantrum in a store or wear a dirty shirt or scream on an airplane or act up in school." And then once you have them, when you're carrying them hollering and kicking out of Safeway you flash back to your own big mouth from your pre-kid days?

I think MacTavish had a weekend sort of like that.

That doesn't make him a bad GM. But I suspect he's going to sound a lot less like an HF poster when he talks about his plans at his next press conference.
Summed up perfectly.

To contrast, Nill predicted the difficulty and insane prices of acquiring experienced puck movers, and struck quickly to overpay short term, for a former all-star before the frenzy. He also turned their 10OV into a value pick for a player, that dropped due to the hospital he was born in, who could possibly contribute in the top six next season. 2 moves and Dallas is probably a markedly better team.

I can't blame MacT for the position he's been put in. Lowe is so arrogant that he hasn't learned, over years, what MacT has learned in a few months. He's a step up from Lowe and Dithers, despite not doing all that well so far

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