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07-02-2013, 03:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Baggers View Post

I also hated the hire of MacT, but I do like that he didn't get taken advantage of at the draft and parlayed 6 draft choices into 10.
There are no quick fixes for this team. In fact, there are probably not even fixes. I'm happy that MacT's impatience hasn't really produced results.

I think this team will go as far as the young guns will carry them. And this year's disappointment is due to the fact that they're still so damned young. The only thing that's going to fix this team is time.

And when it gets fixed, I'm sure whoever is left standing in management is going to stand there and take credit. "See, where Tambellini went wrong was that he brought in Belanger and Whitney and Khabibulin, the wrong type of players. He didn't fix our depth. But I, I brought in Peverly and Hainsey and Emery, the right type of players. I fixed our depth."

And Pierre Maguire will say "they finally get it!"

Meanwhile, Hall and Yakupov will be scoring 40 a season and won't be turning it over like epileptic Hemskies whenever they line up against veteran stars, Schultz will stop bleeding scoring chances against, Eberle will settle and go back to taking away the puck more than giving it up, RNH will grow into a top-centre with the help of a better shoulder and guys like Paajarvi and Petry will stabilize into reliable, useful players.

Things that they're all going to do no matter what. Management can help them a little bit, but all they can do is support them.

This team will get into the playoffs on their backs, when those players are ready. With or without a Nathan Horton or a David Bolland. Just like the Islanders did this year.

And once you're there, that's when you start risking big prices like 1st round picks or 23 year old forwards, in order to acquire stuff to put you over the top. Whatever that may be at the time.

In the meantime, you make low-investment, low-risk moves to help the process along. And you remain patient.

This team has 3 1st overall picks, a handful of other stars in the making that are practically just as good, and a few damned solid players with 1st round pedigrees that are still getting better. The future is going to happen, and soon.

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