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07-02-2013, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
There are many reasons, all of which have been mentioned many times by quite a few people in this thread. Most of them are not in the simplistic vein "we didn't get the players we wanted" theme you want to make it out to be either. Furthermore, if we judged GMs by their ability avoid potential bad deals by not making any at all, then we should be enshrining Tambo in the Hall of Fame right now.

But this thread isn't "rate the GM for his entire year of work" or "rate the GM for the entire offseason of work", it's the "rate Mact's performance up to this point" thread, and surprise! Some people don't agree with your lollipops and sunshine take on the proceedings nor does our disagreement with your take make us emotionally unbalanced idiots who are ready to throw ourselves off a bridge.
tambo didn't make significant deals because he was afraid of getting his pee pee slapped by lowe if the deal turned out bad for the oilers, plain and simple. tambo had no balls.

sunshine and lollipops are the last ****in things i would use to describe the oilers organization right now, but that doesn't mean i'm ready to write off mact before he's even had any kind of a chance to prove himself in the gm position. the guys had 3 months so far to try and fix the disaster of a roster he inherited from a coward of a gm. so if were to rate his performance so far, i would rate it as inconclusive.

at least wait till the start of the season before you declare him the worst gm EVAR!!!! if hes turns out to be as bad as you guys think then i'm sure you'll have plenty of chances over the next 5 years or so to make mact voodoo dolls that you can desacrate to your hearts delight.

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