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07-02-2013, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
There were MANY trained scouts who saw him play and rated him later. Actually all the teams passed over him last season.

Now maybe he somehow learns how to play hockey in the next few years. History states though there is about a 5% chance of this happening.

I think here you are more defending the Flyers scouts than the player himself and that's fine. I personally am one that doesn't give that kind of respect to people because of title. Homer called him Zach zrinaldo. The scouts and prior himself stated all his positives and actually playing hockey (like skills shooting, pk etc) was not mentioned.

Like truefully, do you think this guy will be anything more than a Rinaldo. If not, do you think that drafting a player with his low skill caliber was the best choice here.

I personally don't think they see something more so they are trying to preserve the broad street hockey look. I think this draft pick wants to show they are still trying to win the cup based off of toughness.
Yeah I'm not really defending the player or the pick really. Like I said in previous posts, I would have preferred someone else. But a big part of that is because I have never heard of Goulbourne or many of the other players that were taken in the same time period. I just don't understand how people can be so upset about something that they really know very little about. You want to say you wanted someone else? Fine. I'm right there with you. But don't act like you know more than these guys because someone else said it was a bad pick.

The Flyers saw something in him. What that was I have no idea. But I highly doubt that the Flyers were at the draft saying "this guy will be there in the 7th and he will never make the nhl, but lets draft him in the third anyway!" Which really is what has to have happened according to some, unless you are telling me that you know more than their scouts even though you have barely seen this kid play (if at all) and barely seen the similar draft picks in the third round play (if at all).

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