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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
No use in the Habs saying their intentions for him before it's been discussed with McCarron. It's a no-win situation, as ultimately, it's up to the player. The Habs don't want to create ill will with any other organization.

As for the Peters fellow saying the Habs didn't draft him to be a fighter..... I'd disagree with that. They didn't draft him to be just a fighter, but they are not going to discourage him from dropping the gloves either. That's part of the package.

Also disagree with his opinion that playing in London could result in him being pigeon holed as a fighter - the Hunters don't throw their prospects to the wolves. Was Tinordi asked by the Hunters to fight all the time? Mac will be asked to play an important role with the Knights if he goes there, and would likely play with Horvat and Domi on a scoring line.

That said - I want him to fight a few times next season as he clearly WANTS to fight when the time calls for it. You are not going to learn how to fight playing college hockey as well as you will playing in the OHL.

The first thing McCarron asked Trevor T about development camp was "will they allow fighting"?

I hope he skates up to Lucic some day and floors him. Are the odds good that he will be able to do it? Probably not, but the odds of him being able to hold his own with Boston's "tough guy" are higher if he goes to play in London.
I think him going to London is the right choice. You want him to learn how to fight and you want him to play in a league where he will be allowed to throw big checks without being penalized for it all the time. The Hunters have an excellent track record with developing prospects and there is no harm in him going there.

If he does round out a line with Horvat-Domi, he will get to learn how to play with top talents, another thing we want him to learn how to do before he gets to the NHL level. He will be able to perform the role for them we will want him to perform for the likes of the Gally's in the coming seasons.

Most of all, he's going to learn how to win. This is the team that will be going to the Memorial Cup for the 3rd straight season, he'll play a lot of hockey, he'll win a lot of games and I want that thirst for winning to be instilled in our team. One thing is for sure, we've got a lot of winners coming into the organization.. Collberg, Fucale, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis and Bournival. I really hope that I can add Mike to the list. We want competitors and winners.

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