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07-02-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Yeah for sure.

The game was diffrent and Ulf was diffrent. Ulf played in the NHL from 1984. To a much bigger extent than cheapshooting, he broke unwritten rules and never backed down despite being one of the prime targets in the league. He was a Swede with a large visor who wouldn't back down against anyone and really punished players during play, then wouldn't fight after the whistle blew. Turtled alot. Drew alot of penalties.

People not not being a fan of him has written his history and it is what it is. He was also extremely fearless, one of the better shotblockers in the league, he would constantly skate over to the other side of the ice around the defensive blueline and dive head first into the boards right infront of a winger taking the puck, stick and legs with him. He had a thing for diving head first into the boards skating at full speed.

Our Ds are a bit passive and not that physical. I think Ulfie will be able to push them a little.
Well said. I am sick of people disparaging Ulfie's career. Guys going on 3rd hand information saying he was the Cooke of his day when they never saw him play a game in their lives is just ridiculous to me. He, as you said, was absolutely fearless. I loved watching him play. Was one of my favorite players as a kid. I actually emulated his game (as much as a forward could) when I played. Block shots, play hard, play nasty, push the envelope a bit between clean and dirty.

So much misinformation out there that cannot be gleaned through a stat sheet or through hearsay.

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