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Originally Posted by WestIslander View Post
Bergevin tried to trade up in the top 10 and some (including Mackenzie and Dregger) say that they wanted Samuel Morin, the 6'6" defenseman from Rimouski who apparently has Chris Pronger written all over him.

Imagine a core of:

Subban - Gorges
Tinordi - Morin
Emelin - Beaulieu

Plus Ellis, Thrower, Dietz, Nygren and Didier
Did anyone really think Morin would fall to 25? For over two months I'd been banging the drum that the experts (real and imagined) who saw Morin as a late first round (some even saying he'd be available mid -second round) were way off the mark. I predicted he would go top 10. I was wrong, he went 11. I would have taken him 6th before Monahan, Ristolainen, etc. But then again, I wouldn't have taken Barkov second but instead I would have taken Nichushkin fourth, after McKinnon, Jones and Drouin. Despite my appreciation for Morin's great potential I also repeatedly posted my opinion that because of the hype surrounding this draft, any attempt to move up significantly in the draft would have been way too expensive and thus counterproductive. I don't know what they offered to move up in to the top ten, but suppose it was our 25, 34 , 36 picks and a prospect. In this draft, with it's depth, that is way too expensive a price to pay. While I'm not in love with the McCarron pick and really like De la Rose (in fact I would have had no issue with him at 25), the pick that was the most inspired was Fucale. The choice of Fucale represents the approach that a team should take: acquiring the best talent available. It's asset management at its best. All the talk I hear that the choice of Fucale was being used to push or motivate Price is complete nonsense. Fucale was generally viewed as the best goalie available of his draft class and that halo effect will follow him over the coming years until he achieves his promise or is exposed as yet another highly touted goalie who just doesn't have it. But we acquired an important asset who can possibly become our franchise goalie in the future or, like Vancouver did with Schnieder, or we did with Halak, be traded for another valuable asset down the line. Despite the brainfart that was Crisp, the acquisition of Fucale and De la Rose by themselves, gives this draft a passing grade. If MacCarron and Lehkonnen reach their respective potentials, this may well be regarded as one of our best drafts since 1984.

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