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07-02-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
How the hell do you know if he will be able to play at the NHL level? You drove from Halifax to Erie each week to scout him for an NHL club? What do you truly know about Crisp other than offering a hasty, half-assed opinion? Seriously?

Really wish all of the "experts" on here would tone it down a bit. Highly ingratiating to read all of these fearless predictions on players they know nothing about.
Words cannot express how awesome I think this post is.

Not singling out the OP by any stretch, but this board turns into a giant cesspool of second guessing once these picks are made. The level of need to discuss "my list" versus the attributes of the players actually selected is mind boggling. The lack of respect for those scouting and managing a highly resourced, framework driven scouting staff is to me mind boggling.

If I quit my job and spent my entire life watching hockey I still could not provide the reach and breadth of scope that these professional scouting organizations do, and so still wouldn't have the nerve to criticize the pros.

In what can largely be a crapshoot on draft day I typically look for the club to have some overall sense of direction. This draft should get a favourable review if only for the fact that the team had the foresight to have so many strong picks, they put an emphasis on strength and the forward positions, and they established a potential succession plan for goaltender.

Mission accomplished in my view. The details now are in the development and utilizing of these players strengths, not in the number that CSB or TSN pinned beside their name or what the armchair experts or media think.

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