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Originally Posted by MrBigglesworth View Post
So what do you want him to do? Make a bad trade for the sake of making one?

I don't get this attitude. Every report we've seen has said MacT was one of, if not the most, active GM out there. Obviously there wasn't a good deal to be made.

Whoever pointed out the Schneider, Clutterbuck, Bolland, and Coburn details was pretty bang on, IMO.
Schneider...we beat Jersey's offer, Gillis didn't want him in division.
Clutterbuck...not sure why the Wild would have chosen to deal him within the West when they got that kind of a package out of the East.
Bolland...sounds like they gave him the option of going home.
Coburn...Holmgren is obviously asking way too much. Klefbom + 2nd, someone reported?

If he'd done.. 7th overall + 2nd + Marincin as a 'can't say no' for Schneider, then Klefbom + 2nd for Coburn, then 1st 2014 + 3rd for Clutterbuck...the same guys would complain that he dealt all of our draft picks and our 2 best prospects.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, with some of you.
1) He is the one that said he was impatient and was going to be bold and mused about using picks for live players, not the fans.
2) How is macT any different than our previous gm at all? Tambo said the same thing and did the same thing.

You either succeed in your task or you fail. for being such a 'smart' guy he set himself up for fail by the way he and the org talked just after he was hired.

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