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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
1) He is the one that said he was impatient and was going to be bold and mused about using picks for live players, not the fans.
2) How is macT any different than our previous gm at all? Tambo said the same thing and did the same thing.

You either succeed in your task or you fail. for being such a 'smart' guy he set himself up for fail by the way he and the org talked just after he was hired.
1) It's been how many weeks since he said that? Fine to say the jury is out on him, silly to say he's bad at his job.
2) See 1)

Short of holding the family of another GM hostage- what do you want him to do? If a team... A) is unwilling to deal a player within the division, B) gave the player a choice in destination and it's not Edmonton, or C) is asking for the moon...what is MacTavish supposed to do? The only answer I see is to overpay...and why would we want that?

Have criticisms but at least be specific. Saying "well, he should do...something, at least" is ridiculous. I'm still making my way through this thread but someone asked a good question around page 3 - 'what would you have traded for these players that were dealt'...I'm curious how many people answered that. I'm going to guess not very many...the M.O. around here is to have all the answers and not provide them. Hope I'm wrong and there's a good discussion going on back there.

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