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07-02-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Sure he could have been screwed if he'd made a bad trade but he set the goal line.
MacT said he was impatient and that he was going to make moves to improve this team now. He failed at the draft, that's all we can judge him on, and it's clear that by his own goals he fell short of what he was aiming for. It's a simple accounting of what has happened. This doesnt mean that he cant or wont make changes in the future or that he should be fired based on this failure but it definitely has been a failure.

We'll be judging again when and if moves are made in free agency and in the promised dealing away of Horcoff and Hemsky. Thus far he hasnt been any improvement on Tambellini if that continues then it looks like Kevin Lowe has screwed up in this hiring as well or they could just admit it was all a PR move and Tambo did as good a job as could be expected with the crap Klowe left him.
Thus far, it's been 10 ****ing weeks. Thus far, it's far too early to judge a guy, especially when Free agency hasn't happen.

Yeah you could judge him thus far, but it's such a small, pathetic sample size. I'm merely suggesting to wait a bit more before we scream failure.

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